Reverse/Halo Lit Channel Letter Sign

The sign world is enormous. For company owners, there are a plethora of products and alternatives to choose from. With so much information, it's easy to become lost. In a nutshell, channel letters are metal letters that are commonly used as architectural signage. LED light bulbs are used to illuminate them. The typical signs are front-lighted, which means they are light from the front.

Reverse lit channel letter sign, on the other hand, is frequently backlit. This indicates that the light comes from the back. They're set back from the building a little so that the light is reflected onto the wall. It gives off a distinct "halo" appearance.

Reverse/Halo Lit Channel Letter Sign

Reverse lit channel letter sign

Channel letters are a sort of sign that consists of separately cut parts that join together to form a business name. LED lights are used to light up channel letter signs most of the time. The lights in standard channel letters are visible through the sign face because they are front-lit.

The opposite is the Reverse lit channel letter sign (also known as back lighted, halo lighted, rear illuminated, or reverse pan channel letters). The light shines through the rear door. This implies that they are positioned slightly away from the building's wall, allowing light to shine through and illuminate the letters, producing a halo of light.

Reverse lighted channel letters are made with a metal front and a transparent back, also known as halo letters. At night, the internal LED lighting generates a halo or glow around the letters, creating a negative space impression. This is a highly high-end design that is appropriate for both companies and small bespoke shops.

Benefits of Reverse lit channel letter sign:

  • The letters on the reverse channel are incredibly lightweight and make the installation a joy.
  • The materials are robust, weatherproof and durable
  • Ideal for usage indoors as well as outdoors
  • LED lights are energy-efficient and sustainable
  • The visibility of your company is increasing all day long and is simpler to find at night
  • The reverse lighted channel letters provide a halo effect that is eye-catching and provides a sophisticated, pleasant environment

Reverse lit channel letter sign may be utilized for any type of company, whether you run a bar, a bank, a hotel, a salon, a gym, a restaurant, or something in between. We've seen them on grocery shop signage, warehouse signage, and even monument signs at industrial park gates. Feel free to be inventive.

V Design Halo lit channel letter sign maker

V Design is the go-to sign shop for custom channel letter signs and a leading Halo lit channel letter sign maker in Ahmedabad. We provide all types of creative signs to all types businesses on that will get you noticed. Because they are customizable, you may change the size of the letters to make them more visible at longer distances. V design guarantees that all of the signs we manufacture are structurally sound and elegantly designed, so you can make a statement with reverse lighted channel letters.

Internally lit with LEDs, our reverse lighted channel letters are custom made from stainless steel or aluminum. A common typeface or your unique logo can be used. Our designers take great pleasure in assisting you in selecting the ideal appearance for your company. Get in touch with us right now to get started!


Reverse/Halo Lit Channel Letter Sign


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